SIBOTE Sports Siamese Vest Corset for Women Full

40,000 RWF
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  • SIBOTE Sports Siamese Vest Corset for Women
  • Are you ready to get serious about getting in the best shape you’ve ever been? Then go all in and choose gym gear that fits your determination!
  • The Sport Sweat Enhancing Bodysuit will become your go-to item when you’re keen on having an intense workout, with only half the effort coming from your part!
  • The bodysuit has a compressive design that corrects your posture and offers back support while you’re working out, making every workout routine more efficient.
  • ladies slim fit wear
  • The bodysuit also stimulate thermal activity in all major muscle groups, and increases perspiration.
  • The flexible fabric and curve-hugging design allow your body to enjoy freedom of movement and a second-skin feeling.
  • The most noticeable detail you’re going to see is the inch-trimming effect of an active lifestyle, combined with the constant use of this thermal bodysuit!
  • Size: M, L, XL, XXL

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